Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review


Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a revolutionary program that uses specific bodyweight sequences to unlock a “survival muscle” that can eliminate pain, burn belly fat and improve your overall health and life each and every day. The best part? It’s based on new research. That’s right! There’s no gimmicky nonsense or opinions. Everything you learn in this program stems from new research that proves anyone can achieve and maintain their health goals, simply and naturally. But you’ve heard it all before, right? I thought the same thing until I started to understand how tight hip flexors contribute to many health problems and concerns. So, if you’re ready to Unlock Your Hip Flexors to reap the benefits, keep reading. You won’t regret it.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review


Unlock Your Hip Flexors is based entirely on new research that proves anyone can eliminate joint and back pain, boost energy, increase sexual health, decrease belly fat and fight off disease simply by completing specific bodyweight sequences. The movements taught to you throughout the program are designed to loosen up tight hip flexors.

What the heck are hip flexors?

Join the club. It’s a hidden muscle group that many modern physicians have completely overlooked. However, due to the new research, tight hip flexors have been linked to causing many problems everyone can relate to. This is because your hip flexors are responsible for every major movement. They control your balance and reach, as well as your ability to sit, stand, twist, bend walk and step. So, if your hip flexors are tight, everything else gets sacrificed.

I like to put it like this – your hip flexors are the hinges to the most important body movements; this program is like the WD-40 that loosens up those rusty, squeaking hinges.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors, as you may have guessed from the name, teaches you the right movements to loosening those hip flexors up so you can start to achieve and maintain optimal health. Though, it isn’t just the movements that are important; it’s the sequence in which you do them that allows your body to activate its natural healing process.

But don’t be mistaken. The program is much more than just a step-by-step video exercise and detailed breakdown of easy-to-follow therapeutic movements.

Instead, it’s a comprehensive health and fitness program that teaches you about your hip flexors and how they contribute to your overall quality of life. I’ll elaborate on this more in just a moment but what I can tell you is that all you need to improve your health and achieve your goals are the 10 key moves provided to you in this program. All of the extra information and knowledge is extra, and it will help you understand what has been going on in your body for way too long.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Download PageA look into Mike Westerdal’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors Download Page!

In addition to the program contents, you also receive some bonuses at absolutely no extra charge to you. They are:

  1. Bonus: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings Manual, Coaching and Videos
  2. Bonus: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  3. Bonus: Free Copy of The Pain Hacker DVD
  4. Top 10 Fat-Burning Exercises for 2018 DVD

Now, the really awesome thing is that everything is online (with the exception of the bonus DVDs, of course). This allows you to get started right away and it also means that you can do the therapeutic movements whenever and wherever you are, as you download the program right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

And you even get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! So, you can learn about tight hip flexors and how they’ve been hindering your life all this time, and do the 10 key moves to loosen them, and if you still feel stuck – pun intended – you can opt for a refund. However, once you feel the relief that comes from loosening up such a powerful yet underestimate muscle, you’ll never turn back.


Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created by Mike Westerdal, a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialists, Iron Man magazine contributor, founder of CriticalBench.com and a personal trainer. Needless to say, he knows his stuff. It’s not only his personal passion but also, his professional passion – and due to his knowledge and expertise, he is often hailed as one of the best fitness experts in the industry.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rick Kaselj is also an author of Unlock Your Hip Flexors and he is a leading injury specialist. He has been seen on many major outlets, such as Iron Man magazine, Livestrong.com, Best Health, Fit Life BC, and many more.


In a nutshell, Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an online program that uses therapeutic movements to help you heal. The program is broken down into manual, where you receive an abundance of valuable information that’s backed by science, as well as follow-along-videos of the movements described in the manual. The program can be used to improve flexibility and mobility, stability and strength, or to increase energy, sexual stamina and to lose weight. The possibilities are boundless.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Table of ContentsThe table of contents for Mike Westerdal’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors PDF.

To give you a better idea of what you get from the program, as well as the type of exercises you’ll be doing to start your healing through movement process, let’s take a look at the topics covered in the manual:

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Hip Flexors
  • Meet Your Psoas
  • Fight or Flight Muscle for Survival
  • How Sitting is Killing You
  • Sitting and Your Sex Life
  • Increase Power to Increase Performance
  • Why You Can’t Fire Your Most Powerful Muscle
  • Tight Hips = Fat Storage?
  • A Tight Psoas Can Make You Look Fat
  • Psoas and Its Effects on Emotions and Energy
  • Why Static Stretching Alone Isn’t the Answer
  • The Routine – 10 therapeutic movements
  • About the Authors
  • Other Products

As you can see, you don’t just receive the exercise regime that will loosen up your hip flexors; you learn about how tight hip flexors have been controlling your life and health all this time.

strengthen hip flexors exercises


The biggest benefit of Unlock Your Hip Flexors is being able to finally get your life back. It’s quite shocking to realize that one muscle has played such a significant role in your misery for all this time. Whether you’ve been struggling with a lack of energy or a decreased sex drive, weight gain, weight loss, poor performance, bad health or simply feel bleh, 10 key movements can make a huge difference.

Not only do you feel great but being able to do the therapeutic movements whenever and wherever you are is also a huge advantage. It helps you commit to the regime, so you can reap the benefits. Plus, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and all the bonuses you receive for free are also nice. Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff especially when the items coincide with your goals? Oh, and I can’t forget to mention how great it is that the program is highly based on new research. It isn’t a program filled with opinions or “what worked for me”. It’s based on facts and science, and that’s a huge advantage.


Hmmm. This one is tough. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is truly a comprehensive program that helps you unlock your potential by loosening your tight hip flexors. All of the exercises are broken down with detailed photos and videos, making them exceptionally easy to complete and the information about hip flexors is just as incredible. So, if I had to pick what I didn’t like about the program, I guess I would have to say that it is strictly digital.

Yes, there are many benefits to having the program in digital form but it’s also nice to have the option of getting the program in physical form for those days when you feel like popping in a workout DVD or reading a book. Mind you, digital form makes much more sense and it’s better for the environment. So, I guess I can’t complain.



Unlock Your Hip Flexors teaches you the keys to unlocking your true potential, whether it’s in the gym, in your movements, in your intimate relationships or just in your life altogether. By learning the 10 key therapeutic movements that loosen your hip flexors, you are able to increase your energy, performance, sexual stamina, strength, flexibility and stability while also enhancing your mood and decreasing pain 100% naturally.

And because you only have to do 10 key movements, you don’t have to waste away hours at the gym or worse, slum around on the coach because you’re in so much pain. You just need to dedicate a couple of minutes each day. Add in that each day you start to feel better and by the end of the week, you’ll feel like a new person.

Plus, you have 60 days to try it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you really have nothing to lose other than all that unnecessary pain and lack of drive, performance and energy. Lube up your rusty hinges with Unlock Your Hip Flexors.


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