Feel Good Knees System Review


Feel Good Knees System is a natural pain relief regime designed exclusively for men and women over the age of 45. While someone younger can definitely use this system, it is built with mobility and flexibility concerns in mind, concerns that are common the older you get. In other words, it’s rare to find someone over the age of 45 who can move like a 20-year-old. So, this program focuses on executing simple, gentle movements that are based on a 1000-year-old holistic ritual that was used to treat all types of pain and discomfort. There’s no need for a prescription medication, nor do you need a professional trainer or expensive equipment. With your own body weight, you can use Feel Good Knees System and start to gradually reduce pain, naturally and permanently.


Your body often ages faster than everything else, especially your knees. They take a beating, for lack of better words, throughout life and the older you get, the more your knees start to resent you. All joking aside, from gardening to running, from walking to dancing, from sitting down to standing, all of these activities can contribute to knee pain as you age. What’s worse is that doing these very things becomes near impossible because the pain is so unbearable. So, not only are you battling your pain but you’re also battling with the idea that you can’t do the things you used to love doing. Sure, there are prescription pain relief medications and expensive therapy but many of these options either mask the problem or break the bank.

Feel Good Knees System is an affordable, holistic solution that doesn’t require much of you. You don’t have to take medication or buy fancy equipment, nor do you even have to leave your house. Instead, all you need is 5-minutes a day and you can start alleviating nagging knee pain.

This program is based on a 1000-year-old holistic ritual that was used centuries ago to treat various types of pain and discomfort and yes, it only consists of doing a specific series of movements. Feel Good Knees System is broken down into three different levels that allow you to gradually and slowly relief your knee pain, repair your knee and strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding it. Each level is built on the foundation of the last and the program has laid all of this out for you:

  • Level 1: Pain Eliminator Stage (2 weeks)
  • Level 2: Knee Rejuvenation Stage (2 weeks)
  • Level 3: Knee Renewal Stage 2 weeks)

I’ll explain more on this in just a moment but first, it’s important to mention that you receive immediate access to the program as soon as you get started. When you sign up, you can go in and download the content of Feel Good Knees System. This includes:

  • Introduction Guide
    • Quick start to the ritual
  • Companion Guide
    • Detailed instructions and videos of the movement
  • Pain Reduction Tracker
    • Follow your progress to keep improving your knee strength
  • Video Library
    • Videos showing you how to do the movements

    Todd Kuslikis' Feel Good Knees Download PageThe download page for Todd Kuslikis’ Feel Good Knees program.

If technology isn’t your thing, I will mention that the process of downloading these onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is really simple and requires nothing more than a couple of clicks. The download page also gives you clear instructions on doing this, and the benefits that come with having the program in digital form are endless which I will also get into in just a moment.

You also receive some bonuses for absolutely free. They can also be accessed as soon as you purchase Feel Good Knees System, and include:

  • BONUS: 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers + Video Library
  • BONUS: Postural Alignment Guide + Video Library

While they are separate from the program itself, they do coincide with your goal of reducing pain the natural way, so they’re excellent extras to have.

Now, if you’re still convinced that your knee pain is far too complicated or severe to be healed or soothed naturally, you have two months to give it a try with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is ample time to put the regime into action and see how you feel. Chances are, you won’t want to go back to prescription medications that only mask the pain while also providing you with a long list of potential side effects.


Feel Good Knees System was created by Todd Kuslikis, a personal trainer and injury prevention expert who specializes in Western and Eastern holistic medicine. Todd has helped thousands of people overcome their pain naturally, from nursing home residents to US military veterans, professional athletes and just regular people like you and I. His advice is highly sought after and he regularly contributes to various health publications online.


Feel Good Knees System is a natural, safe and effective way to treat knee pain. It’s created by an injury prevention expert who specializes in Eastern and Western holistic practices, and who has taken your age into consideration. It doesn’t require you to do anything extreme. Instead, the entire program focuses on simple, gentle movements that can eliminate your knee pain, and rejuvenate and strengthen your knee moving forward. It’s built on a three-level process that must be completely gradually to avoid risk of injury.

To give you an idea of the type of movements that are required of you, here are some examples taken out of each level:

Todd Kuslikis' Feel Good Knees Table of Contents

The table of contents for Todd Kuslikis’ Feel Good Knees PDF.


Some of the exercises include:

  • Standing Pigeon (slight back bend stretch)
  • Reach the Sky (big stretch upwards)
  • Seated Pillow Squeezers (squeezing a pillow in-between your knees)


Some of the exercises include:

  • Seated Towel Presses (pressing knee downwards into a rolled-up towel)
  • Seated Leg Raises (lifting legs up and down)
  • Laying Pillow Squeezers (squeezing a pillow in-between your knees)


Some of the exercises include:

By this point, your knees are feeling great! So, it’s time to up the movements just a bit. Here are some examples of these exercises:

  • Wall Sit (sitting against a wall)
  • Wall Sit With Towel Squeeze (sitting against a wall while squeezing a pillow in between your knees)
  • Reverse Lunge (shifting your weight into your front foot, and then switching)

Absolutely every exercise comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and photos, so you know exactly what you’re doing and how to do it. This is key to avoiding risk of injury and to maximizing the benefits that come with this system.


One of the greatest things about Feel Good Knees System is that it doesn’t just provide you with a series of movements to do to alleviate pain. It goes – not one, but two steps forward and provides you with gentle movements that alleviate, rejuvenate and strengthen your knee, including the muscles and ligaments surrounding it. This allows you to not only soothe your pain but to also prevent it moving forward by strengthening the area.

I also really enjoyed how the entire program was digital. This made it easy to commit to 5-minutes a day, as you have the movements with you whenever and wherever you go. Add in the fact that consistency is key to repairing your knee and the benefit of having the program digitally are vast.

Now, I also appreciated the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you ample time to work through the three levels of movements to see how the system works for you. You aren’t tied in, and I’m sure you want to do more than just put a Band-Aid over your knee pain. By repairing the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee, you can finally regain control of your life again and get back to doing the things you love.


There really isn’t one disadvantage that stands out in my mind. If I had to choose something, I would have to say that it would be nice if the program did offer a physical option. While there are many benefits to having the program digitally, some people over 45-years-of-age would probably prefer to hold the content instead of pulling it up on their technology devices.



As the world progress towards pharmaceuticals, it seems like many of us have lost touch with the natural remedies that were used centuries ago. Feel Good Knees System is an online system that teaches you three levels of gentle movements that are based on ancient holistic practices used 1000’s of years ago. These movements allow you to relieve, rejuvenate and strengthen your knee to not only soothe the pain right now but to prevent it moving forward. You also get two months to try the program with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose – and you have the potential to regain control of your life, health and happiness.


Download Feel Good Knees System PDF